A Free Credit Check To See If You Are On The Blacklist

A free credit check will determine if you are on the blacklist and allow you to find out the state of health of your credit and financial history. South Africa is seeing an increase of people battling to keep their head above water financially and it is estimated that one in five South Africans is listed in some way or another on the credit bureaus. It is a good idea to get to know if you are blacklisted before applying for finance from a credit provider to save any embarrassment or to try and resolve any wrongful judgements against you in a report.

Many people do a free credit check to see if a creditor has blacklisted them for not paying bills on time or keeping up to date with monthly re-payments on a house or car loan. In some instances this can happen even though someone has only defaulted on one or two payments and very often through no fault of their own. It is possible to get bad judgements reversed in certain cases and with the help of a debt settlement lawyer people can even clear their name completely.

Reports can be obtained online through links to the various records and advice can be given to help people resolve their individual debt problems. The South African credit bureaus are obliged to give consumers a copy of their record each year at no charge and you should take advantage of this option if you qualify. If you are in any doubt and feel a little unsure about whether you are reported as having a bad history or feel you may be on a blacklist then do a free credit check before applying for any other finance to be on the safe side.